Monday, June 25, 2007


Creativity is the mastery of simplicity. I beleive it does not take computer mind to be creative. Its just being honest with your thoughts and let them exploit the resources available. The thoughts can be generated by your brain anytime eg: when you are watching a television, when someone talks about a scrumptous affair with the dinner they had, when you are reading a novel and your mind gets distracted by a devine aroma flowing with the pacific breeze through the window. it is a mental process of generating new ideas which multiplies with the sheer passion within you.

As a chef I know passion within you is a motivational drive towards creativity. I developed this dish using the creative thought and exploiting the fresh resources available in the pacific.

Fresh Red Snapper rubbed with the lively herb dill, indulgent wild mushroom risotto, wilted young spinach with a engaging mango and pomegranate salsa. Do a favour by balancing with a new grape Sauvignon Blanc for a memorising crisp, clean, harmonical memory on your taste buds.

It is like when you say from within "just right" or "just the thing"


Marianna said...

wow, this looks delicious! red snapper rubbed with dill must be fab!! i was just wondering where the mango- pomegranate salsa was??

Ajay said...

Hi Marianna,

The mango and pomegranate salsa is sitting right on top of the snapper. The salsa is made of ripe mangoes diced and mixed with fresh pomegranate seeds, lemon juice salt and groung pepper.